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Gina Paradiso Cathcart is the director and founder of CareCorner Colorado Respite Care. She was born and grew up in Pueblo, CO, attended Pueblo County High School and earned a degree from CSU-Pueblo.

During her years, working in hospice, she became a guest columnist for the Pueblo Chieftain and other newspapers in Southern Colorado, writing about life and living and death and dying. It was during those years, working in hospice, Gina learned about respite care, supporting the needs of individuals and family members in the community, faced with illnesses, injuries, disabilities, and who are aging and or declining in health.

For many years, Gina has spoken and written about "Service To Others," and the impact and wide-spread benefits it has on the individual who is giving, the person to whom it was given and the community at large. "Service to others can be cleaning, mowing, babysitting, running errands, preparing a meal, taking a gift card, and even lending an ear. No one ever really knows what another person is going through or how they are impacted by their circumstances," says Gina.

As a way to provide "Service To Others," Gina has been known to take a meal to individuals and families who are bereaved, getting discharged from the hospital, receiving treatment or having a hardship.

It was in 2019, after sharing meals with others, she was reminded of the hardships caregivers are faced with and made the decision to start CareCorner. "It has always been my goal to provide caring, dedicated CareProviders in the homes of those who need it most. Service to others is at the heart of everything CareCorner does. Caregivers aren't always able to tend to their own needs, their own appointments, or simply get a chance to recharge their batteries. Other individuals need short or even long term care; they don't want to leave their home--it's where they're happy and most comfortable." CareCorner makes this possible.

CareCorner serves Southern Colorado, providing companionship, light housekeeping, meal preparation, medication reminders, personal care needs (including bathing and dressing), stand-by assistance, transfers, bed bound care and transportation.

For more information on CareCorner's services, or 719-691-5206.

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